GlocalweblogoCome join us! Take a global trip by crossing the street! By welcoming those that have come to the doorstep of Boise as refugees you will have come to a far away place where the language and customs seem intriguingly strange. More importantly you will have come to the threshold of a sacred space where wondrous things can happen to all who dare to enter.

Thanksgiving Peace-Feast 2017

Once again we were blessed beyond measure by an amazing Thanksgiving Peace Feast. We had about 300 people who filed through the doors of Cole Community Church and ate a meal together on Sunday, November 19th. Many of those who came were our Muslim friends and our New American who came to Boise as refugees.

01b9fae45905041009e0881ab351496a15bb1ac792 We never know how many will show up or if there will be enough food and we probably worry way too much about that but once again God provided the right amount of food and we had an amazing group of volunteers who kept everything moving along. We were also blessed by some entertainment: The German Baptist Brethren Youth Choir sang 3 beautiful hymns, Lubna from Syria recited a poem and Elivice (yes, pronounced like the famous Elvis) from Congo wowed us with his vocals. It was a great time of breaking bread together and getting to know our fellow Treasure Valley friends.
To view a video about the Peace Catalyst International and our partnership with them Click Here

Thanksgiving Peace-Feast 2017

Welcoming a new family…

A couple weeks ago we were at the Boise Airport as part of a group who were welcoming a new family. This family came from Malaysia where they had lived for over 20 years. The father is Rohingya and the mother is from Indonesia, so you can imagine our joy of getting to welcome this new family. They have Emi+Syukur+Sovia+Shahiratwo daughters, ages 17 and 11 and the oldest speaks fairly good English. This is quite amazing since in Malaysia she was only allowed to go to school for 4 years and then she spent the last 5 teaching herself English. As you have heard from us before the Rohingya are one of the most oppressed people groups in the world today. The genocide of the Rohingya people is a tragedy that requires international outrage and response. Here is an in-depth article by Szymon Barylski for Politico Magazine that helps to explain the Rohingnya plight: Click Here

Rohingya Refugees