Current Needs

February 10, 2018

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the many answers to our last Glocal Helper call out. We have two new back up drivers, for English class: one for East Boise and one for West Boise. This is a HUGE help to our regular drivers. We also received the amount needed for the Green Card within about 36 hours of putting the need out there. You all areAMAZING!!!! And the computer monitor need was taken care of as well! We, at Glocal, just are so thankful for the many ways in which the Boise Community reaches out and helps and how God answers our prayers!! Our next Baby Shower is tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 10. Thank you to those providing a place, gifts and refreshments for that!!
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Sunday Evening Congolese Church: A church that meets off of Taft and State Street is still looking for help in getting church members to and from church. There is a church van that can be used. At this point the pastor is bringing members back and forth and would really appreciate help in this area.

Friendship Partner Teams Needed: 
There are 4 different families/singles who are looking for Partner Teams. This is a great opportunity to walk alongside a family to encourage and befriend them. It is a 3 month commitment of meeting once a week with the family. (This is why we do teams so that each week is rotated with a member on the team).
  1. Team for a Single Mom whose child has Diabetes (Congolese, I believe). This would be through the IRC but they are hoping for a team to come around her and help her navigate this situation with her.
  2. Team needed for 2 Single Men(from Congo). They have a good connection with the Congolese Community already but it would be great to connect them with some people from Boise as well.
  3. Team needed for a new Rohingya family that came in on Wednesday night. They are still in Welcome Housing. It is a family of 3: Dad, Mom and a 3 y.o. with a baby due this Spring.
  4. A married woman who lives at Civic Plaza (Arabic Speaking) downtown is looking to connect with a couple of women to help with English and just to befriend some people from Boise.

    Please email Laura  if you are interested in walking alongside one of these families.

Used Car
One of the families we know is looking for a used or donated car for their family. The one they currently own is not working well and so they are hoping to find a very inexpensive one as money is very tight for them at this time.