Glocal Baby Showers

Glocal Baby Showers

Glocal provides showers or delivery of new gifts for mothers that have come as refugees with greater than 50 women served each of the past two years.  You can help by providing baby items or gift cards to help with the items all new moms need for their babies such as Pack and Plays, sheets, strollers, clothing, toys, bath items, diapers and wipes.  

You could also help host a shower that Glocal would facilitate with a group of your friends.  You can host for one women in your home or sometimes 2 moms at a large place like a church.  With the higher number of arrivals, we do several showers each month during the day, evenings or Saturdays.

Ways to be Involved: Donate baby items or gift cards, host or attend a shower.

If you know of a woman that has come as a refugee, to request a shower, please click here.

Interested in Hosting a Baby Shower? Click here

For more Information Contact:
Nadia Pugh