Glocal Friend

Become a ‘Glocal Friend’

The Glocal Friend Program brings together people from Idaho with people from around the world and provides a practical opportunity for Idahoans to respond to God’s call to welcome people who have come to Boise as refugees. The Glocal Friend Program provides an opportunity for Idahoans to engage and to build bridges of understanding, cross-cultural learning, and friendship.

Ways to be Involved: Get connected with a family and commit to meeting with them once a week for 3 months. This can be done one on one, but ideally, forming a team (as a family, a church group, a small group) allows for a more impactful experience.

Glocal Friend Program

1.     Commitment of at least 3 months
2.     The family will be met with once a week by at least one team member.
3.     Meetings are informal
4.     Meetings can take place at home or places in the community such as parks, the river, museums, library, stores, etc.
5.     At the end of three months, both the team and the family decide if they would like to continue meeting.

1.     The role of the Glocal Friend is to “be there” for your International Glocal Friend in building a friendship.
2.     Relationship will be mutually beneficial.
3.     Relationships will be based on respect.
4.     Involvement in the Glocal Friend Program requires commitment.

The Process for becoming a part of the Glocal Friend Program Training and Application
1.      Attend the basic training session.
2.      Complete an application, which includes 3 references.
3.      Agree to a Background Check, depending on the agency
4.      Agreement and Acceptance to the Program

Links to the application and waiver/release:
Friendship Partner Application:
Waiver and Release:

Meeting your Glocal Friend
1.      Meet your International Glocal Friend for the first time.  A person from Glocal Community Partners (GCP) Team will join you for the first meeting and if possible, an interpreter. At this meeting you and your international partner will jointly decide the place and time for future meetings.
2.      Begin meeting with your Glocal Friend and communicate with your GCP Mentor with updates, concerns, questions, or impressions you want to share.
3.      After three months, meet with your GCP Mentor to evaluate the three months and decide if you will continue on meeting with the international partner formally or to begin a new friendship with a new incoming family.

It is our hope that the friendship will continue beyond the organized partnership made through Glocal Partners and that it will grow into a valued friendship enjoyed for many years to come.

Glocal Community Partner Contact for Friendship Teams: Melissa