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LEAP Charities is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was started by the owners of Property People, a Boise real estate company, who wanted to use their housing expertise and love for Boise to provide creative affordable housing solutions. LEAP’s vision is to see communities transformed with hope, connection, and secure housing.

LEAP currently operates two major services focused on solving the affordable housing crisis in Boise. The home is the nucleus of life and without sufficient affordable options, many Boiseans are forced to give too much of their income to rent with little left for their families.

Welcome Housing: Since December 2016, guests have found refuge in our fully furnished, warmly hosted Welcome Housing units, which serve as a soft landing to newly arrived refugees and others in need of transitional housing. Two Welcome Houses have served over 100 guests who save $850 per family, with total savings of +$18,000.

Yes You Can: The ‘Yes You Can’ Homeownership Program connects clients with community providers of housing counseling, housing education, and financial assistance programs to ensure the home buying process is an empowering and affordable experience. Unlike other homeowner programs, clients benefit from attentive mentorship from a housing specialist-realtor team who champion them on from dream to doorstep. Established in October 2017, ‘Yes You Can’ currently has 23 clients engaged in the homebuying process anywhere from making goals to closing on their first home.

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